Working Papers

Working Papers

          1. Dreaming of Leaving the Nest? Immigration Status and the Living Arragements of DACA-mented (with Rania Gihleb and Jakub Lonsky) (R&R at European Economic Review)

          2. Unhealthy Sleep Assimilation (with Francesco Billari, Fabrizio Mazzonna and Luca Stella) (R&R at European Sociological Review)

          3. "The Impact of Right-to-Work Laws on Long Hours and Work-Related Health Risks (with Rania Gihleb and Jian Qi Tan) (submitted)

          4. How do workers and households adjust to robots? Evidence from China (with Yi Lu and Tianyi Wang) (submitted)

Work in Progress

6 Improving Educational Achievement through Better Sleep Habits: The Effect of Technology-Based Behavioral Interventions (with Sally Sadoff, Silvia Saccardo)

7 Gender-specific economic shocks and household bargaining power. (with Rania Gihleb, Kelly Hyde, and Dor Morag)