Working Papers

Working Papers

          1. Why Don’t We Sleep Enough? A Field Experiment Among College Students (with Mallory Avery and Peiran Jiao), R&R at Review of Economics and Statistics

          2. Robots, Labor Markets, and Family Behavior (with Massimo Anelli and Luca Stella) R&R at Journal of Human Resources

          3. Exploring the relationship between care homes and excess deaths in the COVID-19 pandemic: Evidence from Italy (with Caterina Alacevich, Nicolo’ Cavalli, Raffaele Lavravinese, Francesco Moscone, Catia Nicodemo) R&R at Health Economics

          4. Industrial Robots, Workers' Safety and Health, IZA Discussion Paper 13672 (with Rania Gihleb, Luca Stella, and Tianyi Wang)

          5. Immigration and Non-Standard Schedules. Theory and Evidence from the US (with Timothy N. Bond and Jakub Lonsky)

          6. Intergenerational Transmission of Health at Birth from Mothers and Fathers (with Giulia La Mattina and Climent Quintana-Domeque)

          7. The Midlife Crisis?’ (with Sally McManus, Redzo Mujcic, Andrew J. Oswald, Nattavudh Powdthavee, and Ahmed Tohamy) (under review)

          8. Refugees, Economic Migrants and Self-Employment (under review) (with Rania Gihleb and Luca Stella)

Work in Progress (draft available upon request)

9. Is an Army of Robots Marching on Chinese Jobs? (with Yi Lu and Tianyi Wang)

10. Improving Educational Achievement through Better Sleep Habits: The Effect of Technology-Based Behavioral Interventions (with Sally Sadoff, Silvia Saccardo)

11. Trade and Fertility. Evidence from Germany (with Lorenzo Rotunno and Luca Stella)

12. Gender-specific economic shocks and household bargaining power. (with Rania Gihleb and Kelly Hyde)

13. Unhealthy Sleep Assimilation (with Francesco Billari, Fabrizio Mazzonna and Luca Stella)

14. Previous Exposure to Immigration and Attitudes towards Refugee’ (with Rania Gihleb and Luca Stella)

15. The effects of trade on human capital investment (with Tianyi Wang)