Workshops, Seminars and Conferences

Recent Talks (last 4 years)


2022-2023 Montana State, Paris School of Economics, Virtual Seminar on the Economics of Risky Health Behaviors (Verb)  (scheduled), University of Houston, National University of Singapore (Centre for Sleep and Cognition)

2021-2022 Freie Universitat, University of Pittsburgh Center for Sleep and Circadian Science Seminar Series, University of Pittsburgh Rehab Neural Engineering Labs Professional and Developmental Seminar

2020-2021 University of Wuppertal

2019-2020 Monash University

2018-2019  University of Padua, University of Rome 2 (Tor Vergata), University of Venice (Ca’ Foscari),  University of Milan, Hertie School of Governance (Berlin)

Conferences and Workshops

2023: AEA Meetings, Harvard University (Radcliffe Institute), New York University (Stern, Center for the Future of Management, Economics of Robots Conference )

2022: Society of Labor Economics (SOLE), BEDI Conference, CHIBE Retreat

2021: Society of Labor Economics  (SOLE), American Society of Health Economics (ASHECON), Southern Economic Association, Eastern Economic Association 

2020: Electronic Health Economics Colloquium Seminar, ECBE, SOLE-EALE, Third GLO-   IESR Conference, Conference on Forced Displacement (World Bank), Joint IZA & Jacobs Center Workshop:

2019: Society of Labor Economics Meetings (SOLE), American Society of Health Economists, IZA Workshop on Gender and Family, IZA-World Bank Workshops on Jobs in Developing Countries, Workshop on Intergenerational Mobility, American-European Health Study Group, NBER-Aging Workshop (Lugano) Workshop on Risky Health Behaviors (Hamburg University)

Workshops Organized

IZA Economics of Time Use and Mental Health: Stress, Sleep, Fatigue and Employment, October 2021

V Migration Health and Well-being Workshop, June 2020 (Co-organizer)

Past Seminars Series and Workshops

IV Migration, Health and Well-being Workshop, May 2019 (Co-organizer)

III Migration, Health and Well-being Workshop, May 2018 (Co-organizer)

II Oxford Migration, Health and Well-being Workshop, June 2017 (Co-organizer)

Oxford Migration and Health Workshop May 2016 (Co-organizer)

Oxford Trade and Health Workshop June 2016 (Co-organizer)

Health Economics Seminar Series at Blavatnik School of Government 2015-2016 (Co-organizer)