Workshops, Seminars and Conferences

Recent Talks (last 4 years)

Keynote Talks & briefings

High level conference on the European Pillar of Social Rights (Belgian EU Presidency, Ministerial Conference) AI and algorithmic management, La Hulpe, April 15-16, 2024

Committee for Economic Development Trustee Briefings "Ai and the Workforce" 


2023-24 NBER Economics of Health Meetings,  Carnegie Mellon University 

2022-2023  Paris School of Economics, Virtual Seminar on the Economics of Risky Health Behaviors (Verb), University of Houston, National University of Singapore (Centre for Sleep and Cognition)

2021-2022 Freie Universitat, University of Pittsburgh Center for Sleep and Circadian Science Seminar Series, University of Pittsburgh Rehab Neural Engineering Labs Professional and Developmental Seminar

2020-2021 University of Wuppertal

2019-2020 Monash University

2018-2019  University of Padua, University of Rome 2 (Tor Vergata), University of Venice (Ca’ Foscari),  University of Milan, Hertie School of Governance (Berlin)

Conferences and Workshops

2023: AEA Meetings, Harvard University (Radcliffe Institute), New York University (Stern, Center for the Future of Management, Economics of Robots Conference )

2022: Society of Labor Economics (SOLE), BEDI Conference, CHIBE Retreat

2021: Society of Labor Economics  (SOLE), American Society of Health Economics (ASHECON), Southern Economic Association, Eastern Economic Association 

2020: Electronic Health Economics Colloquium Seminar, ECBE, SOLE-EALE, Third GLO-   IESR Conference, Conference on Forced Displacement (World Bank), Joint IZA & Jacobs Center Workshop:

2019: Society of Labor Economics Meetings (SOLE), American Society of Health Economists, IZA Workshop on Gender and Family, IZA-World Bank Workshops on Jobs in Developing Countries, Workshop on Intergenerational Mobility, American-European Health Study Group, NBER-Aging Workshop (Lugano) Workshop on Risky Health Behaviors (Hamburg University)

Workshops Organized

Economic Demography Workshop (2024)

IZA Economics of Time Use and Mental Health: Stress, Sleep, Fatigue and Employment, October 2021 (Co-organizer)

V Migration Health and Well-being Workshop, June 2020 (Co-organizer)

IV Migration, Health and Well-being Workshop, May 2019 (Co-organizer)

III Migration, Health and Well-being Workshop, May 2018 (Co-organizer)

II Oxford Migration, Health and Well-being Workshop, June 2017 (Co-organizer)

Oxford Migration and Health Workshop May 2016 (Co-organizer)

Oxford Trade and Health Workshop June 2016 (Co-organizer)

Health Economics Seminar Series at Blavatnik School of Government 2015-2016 (Co-organizer)