Osea Giuntella


Current Position

Assistant Professor of Economics University of Pittsburgh, August 2017-


Italian Habilitation for Full Professor (Professore di I Fascia) in Politica Economica (13/A2) 2020-2029

Italian Habilitation for Associate Professor (Professore di II Fascia) in Scienza delle Finanze (13/A3), Economia Applicata (13/A4), Demografia e Statistica Sociale (13/D3) 2020-2029

Other Affiliations

IZA (Institute for the Study of Labor) Research Fellow (since August 2017)

Global Labor Organization (GLO) Fellow (since May 2018)

Center for Health Incentives and Behavioral Economics /Penn-CMU Roybal, Faculty Affiliate

Previous Positions

Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics, University of Pittsburgh August 2016-May 2016

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in Economics, University of Oxford,

Blavatnik School of Government and Nuffield College (July 2013- July 2016)

IZA Research Affiliate (January 2013-August 2017)


Ph.D., Economics, Boston University, Boston MA, May 2013

Master in Economics, Quantitative Methods, University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, Italy, 2007

M.Sc., Economics (with distinction and special mention for excellence), University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, Italy, 2006

B.A., Economics (with distinction), University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, Italy, 2004

Fellowships, Grants, and Awards

JPAL-North America (Co-Investigator, PI: Sally Sadoff) ($50,000) Pilot and Feasibility Grant to the Healthy Lifestyle Institute ($20,000)

SIPA Columbia (Co-Investigator, PI: Douglas Almond) ($16,000)

JPAL-North America (Co-Investigator, PI: Sally Sadoff) ($150,000)

Roybal Grant, June 2018 (Co- Investigator, PI: Silvia Saccardo) ($20,000)

John Fell OUP Research Fund Grant, April 2016 (Principal Investigator) ($58,000)

John Fell OUP Research Fund Grant, August 2015-July 2016 (Co-PI) ($11,200)

John Fell OUP Research Fund Grant, April 2015-July 2016 (Co-PI) ($11,200)

John Fell OUP Research Fund Grant, August 2014-June 2016 (Principal Investigator) ($11,200)

Horizon 2020– Core Researcher and Project Leader (PI: Carlos Vargas Silva, €4,910,538)

ERC-2015-AdG– Core Researcher (PI: Francesco Billari, €2,400,000))

John Fell OUP Research Fund Grant – Research Staff (PI: Stanley Ulijaszek)

Green-Templeton College Grant, Academic Activities Fund, 2014 ($7,000)

London School of Economics Teaching Award Nomination, 2014

Summer Research Grant, Boston University, Summer 2011 ($4,500)

Student Research Award, Institute for Economic Development, Boston University, 2011 ($2,000)

Teaching-RA Fellowship, Boston University, Spring 2010-Spring 2012

Marco Fanno Scholarship, Medio Credito Centrale, Fall 2007-Spring 2009

‘Raeli’ Scholarship, University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, Spring 2007

Student Career Scholarship, University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, 2001-2006

Teaching Experience

Topics in Labor Economics (PhD), Spring 2020

Empirical Methods II: Machine Learning for Economists (PhD), Department of Economics,

University of Pittsburgh, Spring 2019 Health Economics, Department of Economics, University of Pittsburgh, Spring 2017, Spring 2018, Spring 2019, Spring 2020

Behavioral Approaches to Health Economics

Empirical Methods (PhD), Department of Economics, University of Pittsburgh, Fall 2016, Fall 2017, Fall 2020

Guest Lecturer, Economics for Public Policy, “Health and Health Care”, Master in Public Policy, Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford, Fall 2013, Fall 2014, Fall 2015

Guest Lecturer, Economic Development Policy, London School of Economics, Spring 2014

Instructor, Labor Economics, Boston University, Spring 2013, Fall 2012, Summer 2010

Head Teaching Fellow, Department of Economics, Boston University, Spring 2011

Teaching Fellow, Principles of Microeconomics, Department of Economics, Boston University, Fall 2010

Teaching Fellow, Principles of Macroeconomics, Department of Economics, Boston University, Spring 2010

Published and Forthcoming Papers

  1. Osea Giuntella, Kelly Hyde, Silvia Saccordo and Sally Sadoff ``Lifestyle and Mental Health Disruptions During COVID-19" Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) (in press)

  2. Osea Giuntella, Jakub Lonsky, Fabrizio Mazzonna, and Luca Stella "Immigration Policy and Immigrants’ Sleep. Evidence from DACA" Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization

  3. Giuntella, Osea, and Jakub Lonsky. "The effects of DACA on health insurance, access to care, and health outcomes." Journal of Health Economics (2020)

  4. Giuntella, Osea, Matthias Rieger, and Lorenzo Rotunno. "Weight gains from trade in foods: Evidence from Mexico." Journal of International Economics 122 (2020): 103277.

  5. Gihleb, Rania, Osea Giuntella, and Ning Zhang. "The Effect of Mandatory Access Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs on Foster Care Admissions." Journal of Human Resources (forthcoming)

  6. Gihleb, Rania, Osea Giuntella, and Ning Zhang. "Prescription drug monitoring programs and neonatal outcomes." Regional Science and Urban Economics 81 (2020): 103497.

  7. Giuntella, Osea, and Fabrizio Mazzonna. "Sunset time and the economic effects of social jetlag: evidence from US time zone borders." Journal of Health Economics 65 (2019): 210-226

  8. Billari, Francesco C., Osea Giuntella, and Luca Stella. "Does broadband Internet affect fertility?." Population studies 73.3 (2019): 297-31

  9. Giuntella, Osea, et al. "Immigration and the reallocation of work health risks." Journal of Population Economics 32.3 (2019): 1009-10

  10. Giuntella, Osea. "Has the growth in “fast casual” Mexican restaurants impacted weight gain?." Economics & Human Biology 31 (2018): 115-124

  11. Billari, Francesco C., Osea Giuntella, and Luca Stella. "Broadband internet, digital temptations, and sleep." Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 153 (2018): 58-76.

  12. Giuntella, Osea, Catia Nicodemo, and Carlos Vargas-Silva. "The effects of immigration on NHS waiting times." Journal of health economics 58 (2018): 123-143.

  13. Giuntella, Osea, et al. "Reason for immigration and immigrants' health." Public health 158 (2018): 102-109

  14. Giuntella, Osea, Wei Han, and Fabrizio Mazzonna. "Circadian rhythms, sleep, and cognitive skills: evidence from an Unsleeping giant." Demography 54.5 (2017): 1715-1742.

  15. Giuntella, Osea. "Why does the health of Mexican immigrants deteriorate? New evidence from linked birth records." Journal of Health Economics 54 (2017): 1-16.

  16. Gihleb, Rania, and Osea Giuntella. "Nuns and the effects of catholic schools. Evidence from Vatican II." Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 137 (2017): 191-213.

  17. Giuntella, Osea, and Luca Stella. "The acceleration of immigrant unhealthy assimilation." Health Economics 26.4 (2017): 511-518.

  18. Giuntella, Osea. "Assimilation and health: Evidence from linked birth records of second-and third-generation Hispanics." Demography 53.6 (2016): 1979-2004.

  19. Giuntella, Osea. "The Hispanic health paradox: New evidence from longitudinal data on second and third-generation birth outcomes." SSM-population health 2 (2016): 84-89.

  20. Giuntella, Osea, and Fabrizio Mazzonna. "Do immigrants improve the health of natives?." Journal of Health Economics 43 (2015): 140-153.

  21. Giuntella, Osea. "Do immigrants squeeze natives out of bad schedules? Evidence from Italy." IZA Journal of Migration 1.1 (2012): 7.

  22. Gee, Emily R., and G. Osea Giuntella. "Medicaid and ethnic networks." The BE Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy 11.1 (2011).

  23. Becchetti, Leonardo, Stefano Castriota, and Giovanni Osea Giuntella. "The effects of age and job protection on the welfare costs of inflation and unemployment." European Journal of Political Economy 26.1 (2010): 137-146.

Submitted Papers

1. Why Don’t We Sleep Enough? A Field Experiment Among College Students (with Mallory Avery and Peiran Jiao) IZA Discussion Paper 12772 R&R at Review of Economics and Statistics

2. “Robots and demographic behavior” (with Massimo Anelli and Luca Stella) R&R at Journal of Human Resources

3. Exploring the relationship between care homes and excess deaths in the COVID-19 pandemic: Evidence from Italy (with Caterina Alacevich, Nicolo’ Cavalli, Raffaele Lavravinese, Francesco Moscone, Catia Nicodemo) R&R at Health Economics

4. “Immigration and Non-Standard Schedules. Theory and Evidence from the US” with (with Timothy N. Bond and Jakub Lonsky)

5. “Intergenerational Transmission of Health at Birth from Mothers and Fathers” (with Giulia La Mattina and Climent Quintana-Domeque)

6 ``The Midlife Crisis?’’ (with Sally McManus, Redzo Mujcic, Andrew J. Oswald, Nattavudh Powdthavee, and Ahmed Tohamy) (under review)

7. “Refugees, Economic Migrants and Self-Employment” (under review) (with Rania Gihleb and Luca Stella) (under review)

Work in Progress

9. “Is an Army of Robots Marching on Chinese Jobs?” (with Yi Lu and Tianyi Wang)

10. ``Improving Educational Achievement through Better Sleep Habits: The Effect of Technology-Based Behavioral Interventions’’ (with Sally Sadoff, Silvia Saccardo)

11. “Trade and Fertility. Evidence from Germany (with Lorenzo Rotunno and Luca Stella)

12. “Gender-specific economic shocks and household bargaining power.” (with Rania Gihleb and Kelly Hyde)

13. “Unhealthy Sleep Assimilation” (with Francesco Billari, Fabrizio Mazzonna and Luca Stella)

14. ``Previous Exposure to Immigration and Attitudes towards Refugee’’ (with Rania Gihleb and Luca Stella)

15. “The effects of trade on human capital investment” (with Tianyi Wang)

Chapters and Non-Technical Articles

Giuntella, Osea, and Catia Nicodemo. "Migration, Health, and Well-being: Models and Methods', Health Econometrics (Contributions to Economic Analysis, Volume 294)." (2018): 101-118.

Giuntella, Osea, Catia Nicodemo, and Carlos Vargas Silva. "The impact of immigration on health and health care: Evidence from the United Kingdom." Refugees and economic migrants: Facts, policies and challenges (2016): 99-114.

Giuntella, Osea. "Do immigrants improve the health of native workers?." IZA World of Labor (2014).

Giuntella, Osea. "Immigration and Job Disamenities." CESifo DICE Report 12.2 (2014): 20-26.

Invited Seminars and Presentations

2019-2020 University of York

2018-2019 University of Padua, University of Rome 2 (Tor Vergata), University of Venice (Ca’ Foscari), University of Milan, Hertie School of Governance (Berlin)

2017-2018: West Virginia University, Bocconi University

2016-2017: Universitat Hamburg, University of Rome 2-Tor Vergata, Max Plank Institute Carnegie Mellon University, University of Pittsburgh, University of Surrey.

2015-2016: Cornell University, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Rome 2-Tor Vergata, University of Lausanne, Stockholm School of Economics, Universidad de Navarra, Center for Global Development, COMPAS (University of Oxford), University of Pittsburgh

2014-2015: Universitat Pompeu Fabra (CRES), King’s College London, University of Warwick, University of South Florida, UBVO Seminar Series, University of Oxford, International Migration Institute, University of Oxford. University of Manchester, Purdue University, University of Stirling, Ludwig Maximilians University Munich

2012-2014: London School of Economics, Tinbergen Institute (Amsterdam), Syracuse University. PhD-Seminar on Health Economics and Policy, Grindelwald (Switzerland).University of Lugano, University of Oxford, University of Queensland, Northeastern University, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Einaudi Institute for Economics and Finance (EIEF), Singapore Management University, University of Connecticut.

Conferences And Workshops

2020: Alpine Population Conference, Conference on Forced Displacement (World Bank)

2019: Society of Labor Economics Meetings (SOLE), American Society of Health Economists, IZA Workshop on Gender and Family, IZA-World Bank Workshops on Jobs in Developing Countries, Workshop on Intergenerational Mobility, American-European Health Study Group, NBER-Aging Workshop (Lugano) Workshop on Risky Health Behaviors (Hamburg University),

2017- 2018: NBER Trade and Agriculture Conference, 2018 Workshop on the Economics of Risky Behavior, Health Econometrics Workshop, American Society of Health Economics, American European Health Study Group III (Harvard University), 3rd Migration, Health and Well-Being Workshop,

Workshop on Risky Health Behaviors (Hamburg University), Second Annual Population Health Sciences Research Workshop (Boston University), APPAM 2017

2016-2017 NBER-CEPRA Aging conference, International Health Economics Association Meetings, Society of Labor Economics, 2nd American-European Health Economics Workshop, 2nd Oxford Migration, Health and Well-being Workshop, International Health Economics Association, Alpine Population Conference (Alp-Pop), XV Brucchi Luchino Workshop Southern Economic Association

2015-2016: IV Health Econometrics Workshop, American Society of Health Economics, XIII IZA Annual Migration Conference, Population Association of America, Alpine Population Conference Alp-Pop, Stanford Center for International Development’s Conference on Health, Demography, and Aging in China

2009-2015: International Health Economics Association, Society of Labor Economists, Population Association of America, Alpine Population Conference, La Thuile, Italy, January 2015American Society of Health Economics, Los Angeles, June 2014. Society of Labor Economists, Washington D.C., 2014. Health Economics and Policy Workshop, Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford. Royal Economic Society Conference, University of Manchester, Manchester, UK, 2014. American Economic Association Meetings, Philadelphia, PN, 2014. XII Brucchi Luchino Labour Economics Workshop, Bank of Italy, Rome, Italy, 2013. Immigration in OECD Countries, OECD Conference Centre, Paris, France. The Society of Labor Economists (SOLE) Meetings, Boston, MA, 2013. Association for the Study of Religion, Economics and Culture (ASREC), Washington, DC, 2013. Northeast Universities Development Consortium (NEUDC),

Dartmouth, NH, 2012. European Association of Labor Economists Conference (EALE) Bonn,

Germany, 2012. EconCon 2012, Princeton University, NJ, 2012. Econometric Society European Meeting (ESEM), Malaga, Spain, 2012. 12th Doctoral Workshop in Economic Theory and Econometrics, Einaudi Institute for Economics and Finance, Rome, Italy, 2012. European Society for Population Economics, Bern, Switzerland, 2012. American Society of Health Economists (ASHECON), Minneapolis, MN, 2012. IZA-Institute for the Study of Labor, Summer School, Buch-Ammersee, Germany, 2012. Boston College-Boston University Greenline Labor Meeting, Boston, MA, 2012. Association for the Study of Religion, Economics and Culture, Chapman University, CA, 2012. European Association of Labor Economists Conference (EALE), Paphos, Cyprus, 2011. Cream – University College of London. Interdisciplinary Conference on Migration, London, UK, 2011. Midwest Political Science Conference, Chicago, IL, 2011. Bank of Italy Lunch Seminars, Rome, Italy, 2009.

Refereeing activity

B.E. Press Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy, British Journal of Industrial Relations, Contemporary Economics, Demography, Demographic Research, The Economic Journal, Economia Politica, Economics Bulletin, Economics Modeling, Economics and Human Biology, Economic Bulletin, Economic Inquiry, Empirical Economics, European Economic Review, European Journal of Political Economy, European Journal of Public Health, European Journal of Health Economics, Explorations in Economic History, Health Economics, International Journal of Manpower, International Journal of Health Care Finance and Economics, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, International Journal for Equity in Health, IZA Journal of Migration, IZA World of Labor, Journal of Development Economics, Journal of the European Economic Association, Journal of Health Economics , Journal of Human Resources, Journal of Human Capital, Journal of Labor Research, Journal of Population Economics, Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, Labour Economics, Labour, Management Science, Maternal Child and Health, Migration Studies, Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment, Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, Quarterly Journal of Economics, Regional Science and Urban Economics, Social Science and Medicine, Women’s Health Issues

Other professional activity:

Recruitment Committee (2018-2019)

Ad-hoc Committee on Health and Well-Being, University of Pittsburgh (2019-)

Graduate Research Committee, University of Pittsburgh Department of Economics (2017-2018; 2018-2019; 2019-2020)

Department Diversity Committee

Labor Seminar Series, Coordinator (Spring, 2019)

External Committee Member, Dissertation Defense of Alessandro Mistretta, University of Rome 2, Tor Vergata

Reviewer for W.W. Norton, Economics

D-Phil Status Assessor, Dissertation Assessor, Academic Supervisor, University of Oxford

Grant Reviewer for UK Research Council, National Institute for Health Research (3), National Institute for Health Research – HTA program, Swiss National Science Foundation (2), Israel Science Foundation

Co-organizer of the Workshop on Trade and Health – University of Oxford (June 2016)

Co-organizer of the Workshop on Immigration, Health and Well-being– University of Oxford, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, University of Pittsburgh (May 2016, June 2017, May 2018, May 2019)

Co-organizer of the Health Economics and Policy Seminar Series (University of Oxford, 2013-2016)

Member of the Scientific Committee of the American-European Health Economics Conference– University of Oxford (July 2017)

Member of the Scientific Committee of the American European Health Economics Study Group (2019,2020)

Member of the Scientific Committee Health Econometrics Workshop (2018)

Member of the Scientific Committee of the American Society of Health Economics Conference, 2014, 2016

Member of the Scientific Committee of the International Health Economics Association, 2015, 2017, 2019

Mentor, RA-Mentor Program, Boston University, Department of Economics 2010-2012

Boston University Political Economy Reading Group, coordinator, 2011-2012

Phd students supervised

Y-Ling Chi (World Bank, 2016), Jakub Lonsky (University of Liverpool), Mallory Avery (Monash University, post-doc); Kelly Hyde (expected graduation: 2022); Tianyi Wang (expected graduation: 2021); Veronica Rattini ( University of Milan, Post-Doc)

External Reviews

Alessandro Mistretta (University of Rome 2, Tor Vergata); Aizat Nurshatayeva (University of Pittburgh, School of Education), Hieu Mihn Nguyen (University of Tennessee-Knoxville)

Other Experience

Research Assistant, Boston University, Department of Economics, 2011-2012

Research Internship at the Bank of Italy, 2009

Undergraduate Students Tutor, University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, 2006

London School of Economics Summer School 2005, 2003 Development Economics, Intermediate Economics


American Economic Association (AEA), American Society of Health Economics (ASHECON), International Health Economics Association (IHEA), Royal Economic Society (RES), Society of Labor Economics (SOLE)


English, French, Italian (native)

Computer Skills

Arcgis, Able2extract, LaTeX, MATLAB, Office, Rapid-Weaver, SAS, STATA


Director of a short movie “Why?”, projected during Miriam Makeba’s concert, Horizon, Rome, 2000

Member of the central editing of “Graffiti”, national student monthly magazine, 1998-2000

Student Representative in the School Council of “Liceo Classico Statale Dante Alighieri”, 1998-2000

Member of the editing of “Bene Comune”, monthly E-magazine