Work in Progress (drafts available upon request)

Is an Army of Robots Marching on Chinese Jobs? (with Tianyi Wang)

Robots and Demographic Behavior (with Massimo Anelli and Luca Stella)

Trade and Fertility. Longitudinal Evidence from a Low Fertility Setting (with Lorenzo Rotunno and Luca Stella)

Assortative Mating and Health at Birth (with Giulia La Mattina and Climent Quintana-Domeque)

“Immigration and Work Schedules. Theory and Evidence” (with Timothy N. Bond and Jakub Lonsky)

"Why Don't We Sleep Enough?" with Mallory Avery and
Peiran JiaoProject Funded by the John Fell Fund

``Internet and the Timing of Births'' (with Francesco Billari and Maria Sironi) — Project funded by the European Research Council