Papers Under Review

``Weight gains from trade: Evidence from Mexico” (with Matthias Rieger and Lorenzo Rotunno ) — NBER Working Paper 24942
Project Funded by the John Fell Fund,
Revise and Resubmit (2nd round) at the
Journal of International Economics
Vox-Eu Bloomberg Aldiadallas, Liberation

The Effects of Mandatory Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs on Foster Care Admissions.
with Rania Gihleb and Ning Zhang

Revised and Resubmitted to the Journal of Human Resources

Intergenerational Transmission of Health at Birth from Mothers and Fathers with Climent Quintana-Domeque and Giulia La Mattina
(Revision requested at

The Effects of Daca on Health Insurance, Access to Care and Health Outcomes (with Jakub Lonsky) IZADP 11469
Revision Requested at the Journal of Health Economics)

ublished Papers
"Sunset Time and the Effects of Social Jetlag. Evidence from US Time Zone Borders (with Fabrizio Mazzonna) , IZA DP 9773, Online Appendix [Media coverage: BSG news, IZA news, Washington Post, Daily Mail] Journal of Health Economics

Does Broadband Internet Affect Fertility? IZA DP 10935 (with Francesco Billari and Luca Stella) — Project funded by the European Research Council
Population Studies
IZA News Population Europe Digest

"Has the growth in fast-casual Mexican restaurants impacted weight gain?"[Media coverage: BSG blog], Economics and Human Biology, (September 2018)

"Broadband Internet, Digital Temptations, and Sleep" (with Francesco Billari and Luca Stella)
Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization (September 2018)

“Immigration and the Reallocation of Work -Related Health Risk”(with Fabrizio Mazzonna, Catia Nicodemo and Carlos Vargas Silva)), Journal of Population Economics (online June 2018)
Project Funded by the John Fell Fund and the European Commission (Horizon 2020)

“The Effects of Immigration on Waiting Times in the National Health Service” (with Catia Nicodemo and Carlos Vargas Silva) Journal of Health Economics (March 2018)
[Media coverage: The Economist, The Huffington Post, The Independent, , The Independent (II), International Business Times, The Huffington Post II , London School of Economics Blog, Bruegel, BSG news]—Project Funded by the John Fell Fund and the European Commission (Horizon 2020)

Reason for Immigration and Immigrant Health
(with Zovanga Koke, Isabel Ruiz, and Carlos Vargas-Silva) Public Health (May 2018)

“Circadian rhythms, Sleep, and Cognitive Skills: Evidence From an Unsleeping Giant” (with Wei Han and Fabrizio Mazzonna) Demography (September 2017) [Media coverage: BSG news, IZA news]

“Why Does the Health of Mexican Immigrants Deteriorate?”, Journal of Health Economics (July 2017)

“Nuns and the Effects of Catholic Schools. Evidence from Vatican II’’ (with Rania Gihleb), Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization (May, 2017) [Media coverage: IZA Newsroom, The Economist, Chris Blattman, RES 2014]

“The Acceleration of Immigrant Unhealthy Assimilation”, (with Luca Stella), Health Economics, Volume 26, Issue 4, April 2017 , Pages 511–518

“Assimilation and Health. Evidence from Linked Birth Records of Second and Third-Generation Hispanics”, Demography (December, 2016)

“The Hispanic Paradox: New evidence from longitudinal data on second and third generation birth outcomes”. SSM-Population Health, 2, 2016

“Do Immigrants Improve the Health of Natives?” (with Fabrizio Mazzonna), Journal of Health Economics 43, 2015, [Media coverage: IZA Newsroom, RES 2014]

“Do immigrants squeeze natives out of bad schedules? Evidence from Italy” . IZA Journal of Migration, 1:7, December 2012.

"Medicaid and Ethnic Networks," The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy: Vol. 11 : Iss. 1 (Contributions), Article 77, 2011. (with Emily Gee)

“The effects of age and job protection on the welfare costs of inflation and unemployment: a source of ECB anti-inflation bias?” European Journal of Political Economy, 26: 137-146, 2010. (with Leonardo Becchetti and Stefano Castriota) [Media coverage: Il Sole 24 Ore ]

Policy Reports, Chapters and Non-Technical Articles
“Do Immigrants Improve the Health of Native Workers”. IZA World of Labor: 102, November 2014

Immigration and Job Disamenities”, CESifo DICE Report 12 (2), 2014, 20-26

"The impact of immigration on health and health care: Evidence from the United Kingdom" with Catia Nicodemo and Carlos Vargas-Silva in "Refugees and Economic Migrants: Facts, policies and challenges" edited by Francesco Fasani, a VoxEu Book CEPR Press (October 2016)

“Migration and Health: Models and Methods” (with Catia Nicodemo) (Accepted for publication in the book "Health Econometrics" to appear in "Contributions to Economic Analysis", Emerald Publishing, edited by Badi Baltagi and Francesco Moscone.