Osea Giuntella (DOWNLOAD CV)
Assistant Professor of Economics
University of Pittsburgh

IZA Research Fellow
CHIBE Research Affiliate

Email: osea.giuntella@pitt.edu

Twitter: @osea82

Fields of Interest: Health Economics, Labor Economics, Economic Demography

My main research interests are in health, labor, and demographic economics.

Recently my studies have focused on 3 main areas

1) Migration and Health
2) The Economics of Sleep
3) Technology, labor markets, and health outcomes

My research has been funded by the JPAL- North America, Roybal, John Fell Fund, the European Commission, and the European Research Council. I taught courses in Empirical Methods, Machine Learning, Labor Economics, Health Economics, Economics for Public Policy and Development Economics at the Boston University, the University of Oxford, the London School of Economics, and the University of Pittsburgh.

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